Real Wealth is Built Through Planning

Imagine taking part in a race with no clear direction on how to reach the finish line. You might have to run up steep hills, cross rivers, and otherwise needlessly expend energy. When you finally reach the finish line, you realize that some people have gotten there in half the time. So you go to the race planners, who show you the map. With a clear path, the next race will be a breeze.

The path to financial security is similar to the race. If you don’t map or plan your course, then it will be impossible for you to find the direct path to your investment goals and you will lose time and money along the way.

Creating a financial plan helps you map out your financial future – first by mapping out short-term and long-term goals, and then, by making appropriate financial decisions to stay on target. Retirement & Wealth Strategies can help you create a Comprehensive Financial Plan to make sure you are on the right path to realize your dreams for the future. We use the CFP® Six Step Approach to financial planning. We consider factors such as lifestyle, family needs, and life events that can have an impact on your financial plan and communicate with you every step of the way.

The Map for Your Financial Journey

Establish a

We help our clients feel comfort­able and knowledgeable of the fi­nancial planning process. We demonstrate our commitment to your financial well-being and com­municate with you frequently.

Gather Data
& Goals

We will work with you to explore your personal situation and discuss your long-term goals, situational needs, and desires. We help con­sider all aspects of your financial life and set appropriate goals for your financial plan.

& Evaluate

We explore every option and opportunity, allowing us to cus­tomize a plan to meet the needs and goals that we establish together.

& Review

As your partner, we want you to have the final say. We share our recommendations with you and answer any questions. We provide knowledge and information for you to make the best possible decisions.

the Plan

We will carry out the recommenda­tions that we have agreed upon in your financial plan. We can also assist you in coordinating other as­pects of the plan as necessary.

Your Progress

As life changes, so should your financial plan. We will contin­uously monitor to make sure the plan we built fits your situation and make changes required.

Create a Comprehensive Financial Plan for Your Future

The Retirement & Wealth Strategies process includes a complete analysis of your financial life, so your individualized plan will be targeted to meet your goals. Depending on your needs, our office will develop, present, and when appropriate, implement the financial plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Financial Plan is a comprehensive assessment of your current situation to help you better plan for your future. When done correctly, it provides a snapshot of your finances from now to your future, while analyzing the best way to achieve your clearly defined financial goals.

At Retirement & Wealth Strategies, we know that everyone’s financial situation is unique. We will start by defining your short-term and long-term financial goals to design a road map to your preferred financial journey. Knowing where you currently stand financially will help determine the next steps to achieving your goals.

Everyone’s situation changes. So, your Financial Plan should change as your financial situation changes. If you are looking to obtain a professional review or second opinion, monitor your progress, or make sure you are still on track towards your goals, our team at RWS can help.

At Retirement & Wealth Strategies, we believe everyone should have a Financial Plan. A Financial Plan can help you to better understand where improvements to your financial situation can be made in order to reach your defined goals. We will start by assessing your expenses, assets, liabilities, goals, etc., and tailor a plan to fit your needs. Your financial plan is a realistic approach to achieving your financial goals. The strategies we can implement for you cannot cause changes to happen overnight; it is a life-long journey.

You can get started by clicking on the Make an Appointment button at the top, right-hand side of the page, or by calling 833-797-4636. We are happy to answer any questions you have about your personal finances or your unique situation.

At our Initial Consultation, we will discuss your goals, current financial situation, and how our services can best help you meet your goals.

No. You are not required to bring anything to your initial meeting; of course, it does help with our preliminary data gathering for your Financial Plan. If you would like to bring any investment statements, mortgage or other liability statements, monthly budget, Social Security benefits statement (if applicable), pension statements, etc. along with you, it will help in illustrating a more realistic Financial Plan.

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